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VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 1   |   Release date: May 15, 2003

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Which denomination would you kick out of Christianity?
Survey results and user comments

Luke Vassar – Trump, NV
Voted for: Episcopalian
Comments: If you guys can't decide if Mary was a virgin or not, maybe you need to take a "time out" from Christianity.

Eric G. – Boston, MA
Voted for: Lutheran
Comments: The last few Lutheran churches I've been to were so rigid and stiff that at one point I actually thought time had stopped due to the lack of movement—both physically and mentally!

Chuck – Newark, NJ
Voted for: Non-Denominational
Comments: I wish all the non-denominational churches would join/form a single denomination… so we can kick them out!

Prathi V. – Trumsdale, MO
Voted for: Christian Science
Comments: actually im not sure. didnt we already kick them out?!

Jen – Mobile, AL
Voted for: Southern Baptist
Comments: I grew up in the north and moved to the south after college. Try that… you know what I mean about the SB.

Beverly Barton – Canton, OH
Voted for: N/A
Comments: This survey is an outrage!!!!! It must be raining right now on all of you at the holy observer and on all of you who answered this, 'cause God is shedding tears of sadness over everyone involved! Shame on you!!! I think you all need to buy Third Day's CD "Come Together"! It's about loving one another and working together (and I love track #7). Then maybe you'll begin to see what Kingdom UNITY is all about!!! Denominations are so divisive.

John Faust – Washaw, IL
Voted for: Free Methodist
Comments: No drinking. Get out.

Vick Narophsic– Lundy, NH
Voted for: Lutheran
Comments: I was going to vote for Catholics, but everyone knows they're not really Christians. I figure, Lutheranism is the next best thing.

Dom Budy– Cranview, KS
Voted for: Seventh Day Adventist
Comments: Church on Saturday? Where did that come from? Talk about trying too hard to be different.

Robert Valner – San Diego, CA
Voted for: N/A
Comments: I didn't pick a denomination because first I need to know what denomination Beverly (above) belongs to—kick them out! If she belongs to a non-denominational church, as it appears she does, please refer to Chuck's comments (farther above).

Craig L. – Billings, MT
Voted for: Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas (Official)
Comments: Any denomination with a name that is soooooo unnecessarily specific probably has bad theology, as well.

Terry D. – San Diego, CA
Voted for: Assemblies of God
Comments: What a bunch of weirdos! I wish they'd all just drink the Kool-Aid and get it over with.

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