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VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 5   |   Release date: October 15, 2003

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Who is currently most likely to be the Antichrist?
Survey results and user comments

Below are some of the votes and comments submitted by visitors who took last month's survey.

Pastor Robert Reid - McKeesport, PA
Voted for: Prince Charles
Comments: All the evidence points to Prince Charles. Read Tim Cohen's book "Antichrist and A Cup of Tea" first published in 1995. No one comes close to Prince Charles.

Adam Congdon - Rochester, NY
Voted for: Hillary Clinton
Comments: Only a deceiver could convince a man like Bill to get married. Not to mention the woman stole silverware from Air Force One. We're on to you Hillary, and we want our forks back!

Phil Brewer - Garden City, MI
Voted for: Strong Bad

Voted for: UN Security General
Comments: Thats who it is in the book from the future, you kno the left behind series.

Voted for: George Bush (Senior)
Comments: He has even returned after that awful wound of losing to Clinton.

Kathy T. - Houston, TX
Voted for: Clay Aiken
Comments: Is Solitaire the only game in town? You decide.

Bubba - Richmond, VA
Voted for: Mary Kate or Ashley

Tamar Kensley - Tampa, FL
Voted for: Oprah Winfrey
Comments: If anyone alive today is the Antichrist, it has to be this ubiquitously pluralistic gasbag! Not to mention that she was trying to
establish her own scriptures through that stupid book club.

Karl Messner - Baden, PA
Voted for: The Pope

Kelly - Porterville, CA
Voted for: Jerry Fallwell
Comments: Its so easy to see

Tom Farret - Jefferson, IA
Voted for: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Comments: Today, California. Tomorrow, your immortal soul.

preachinjesus - Fort Worth, TX
Voted for: Rev. Al Sharpton
Comments: Have you seen him?

Rev. Hagee - Richmond, KY
Voted for: Gary Coleman
Comments: I thought Gary was dead. After "Different Strokes" was cancelled, I heard he died of old age. But NO! He was seen on E!'s "Star Dates" and now he is running for governor. Next year, he'll unify the Middle East and then we'll all be living near Milwakee and attending a secret church. I heard that he has not broken a bone in his body. Of course, he doesn't have too far to fall! But still, he might be the ONE!

Voted for: Janet Reno

Will - Huntington Beach, CA
Voted for: Anti Smanci
Comments: Why look to the Antichrist!? Don't be caught up with him. Be in Jesus Christ be caught up in Him.
THO's Response: ... [real quiet and ashamed]

Judy - NSW Australia
Voted for: George Bush

Jan Theason - Macon, GA
Voted for: Rosie O'Donnell
Comments: 'nuff said.

Voted for: The creator of this Web site
Comments: Hey, some people are sly and cunning and tricky or decieving. But what are the chances that this guy is all of these PLUS good looking? Based on an algorigthm I've decoded from the book of Song of Solomon, I'd say pretty good.

Fast Eddie
Voted for: Gorbachev
Comments: The splotchy thing on his head still creeps me out. He's still alive, right? If not, I vote for Sting.

Vince Clarkson - Strousberg, MO
Voted for: Benny Hinn

Pete Dupree - Clinton, OK
Voted for: Donald Rumsfield
Comments: His nickname is "Rummy," and he gets his jollies from destruction.
How much proof do you need?

Dave Dice - Cedarville, OH
Voted for: GJ Flikweert
Comments: He is a Cedarville student, Dutch, and has already made in-roads as the Student Government Association Treasurer.

Jessica - Buffalo, NY
Voted for: Arianna Huffington
Comments: Her run at Governor was just a ploy to rule the masses of California. Ya see, she was gonna start small and then expand to complete and total world domination. Well, since she lost the election, I guess that shoots my theory straight to hell. I mean if she was the anti-christ you would think that she would conjour the forces of darkness and the minions of evil to ensure she won. So I guess I'll change my vote to Paris Hilton.

David - Tulsa, OK
Voted for: Rev. Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton
Comments: Take your pick!

Brendan - Adelaide, South Australia
Voted for: Jerry Bruckheimer (film producer)
Comments: He is responsible for Top Gun, Armageddon (of course!) and Pearl Harbor. Case closed.

Tank - Denver, CO
Voted for: John Travolta
Comments: Michael? More like Lucifer.. JT looked waaaay too at home in those wings! It makes you think.

Larry R. - Memphis, TN
Voted for: Brittany Spears
Comments: No, just kidding.

Adrian - Russia
Voted for: Lance Armstrong
Comments: Let's see... supernatural remission of cancer, continual dominance over the European cycling world... He keeps winning!!! Haven't you ever seen The Devil's Advocate!?

Jan Finns - Sturgis, SD
Voted for: Nicolae Carpathia
Comments: I was reading about this guy in some prophecy books! I'm serious! They're for real!! I'm not quite sure who he is, but he's big! --he's like the head of some high-up Romanian thing, with clout!

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