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VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 1   |   Release date: May 15, 2004

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Christian Hip-Hop Artist's Lyrics Too Theologically Complex for Rap Fans
Label terminates contract before album releases and confuses everyone
Straight Tribbin
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Tru Dawgma Sample
Straight Tribbin' - 700 KB MP3
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Tru Dawgma - Straight Tribbin'

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NEW YORK – As the hip-hop industry's tradition of wholesome, thought-provoking lyrics has slowly decayed since the 80's, one artist wants to buck the trend by adding a new level of linguistic complexity to his lyrics. Tru Dawgma, a self-proclaimed "exegetical elaborator," insists that his new style will help counteract hip-hop's recent reputation of promoting only superficiality, sex, drugs, and violence. But not everyone appreciates Dawgma's approach, as God's Fro Records recently terminated his contract and stated, "Most of our listeners don't have a GED, let alone an M. Div.!"

God's Fro director of new talent Sean Albin recalled, "When I first heard him I was like, 'Whoa! This cat is tight!' I thought I couldn't understand the lines 'cause he was spitting it so fast. That's usually how we know if someone's joint is hot."

It wasn't until Tru Dawgma was done recording a few tracks that producers caught on and decided to end the relationship.

"It was about 2 or 3 AM one night," began Danny Lind, executive producer at God's Fro. "Something caught my attention and I asked, 'Tru, did you just say 'deuterocanonical?'' Well, I didn't even know that word at the time so I probably asked if he said something like 'dude, your canon's fickle.' Anyway, that's when we figured out something was wrong."

God's Fro immediately terminated Tru Dawgma's contract—months before the album ever hit the shelves.

"I feel like we saved a lot of people a lot of confusion," said Glenn Moorehead, president of God's Fro. "Rap fans probably already feel stupid enough as it is. They don't need some guy making them think, as well!"

THO Interview with Tru Dawgma
THO was able to meet with Tru last week in his Bronx apartment. He also provided us with a single from his upcoming album. Listen to a sample of Straight Tribbin' and view the lyrics!

THO: So, Tru, what's up with your lyrics?
Tru: (laughs) I'm not sure what you mean. I write from the heart. I just let it flow. If people don't like 'em they don't have to listen.
THO: It appears they don't.
Tru: No, man, it appears that a few suits at the G.F. have a load of "no vision" stuck in their ears! They wouldn't know good lyrics if they printed themselves on a CD insert!
THO: But really, Tru, why the big words?
Tru: 'Aight — when I was a kid my pop used to be in the rap game. His flow was wack! Straight up silly!
THO: We know. We have a sample.
Tru: So I figured I ain't goin' out that way. You know what I'm sayin'?
THO: What do you say to claims that your lyrics simply aren't relevant to your audience?
Tru: My audience is Yahweh. He knows what I'm sayin'!
THO: Tru, seriously.
Tru: I know my styles is new. But we gots to put something on the table with depth! There be too many haters out there spreading ill rhymes! I ain't doin' it. The fans will dig my tracks. I don't care if the suits don't.
THO: How will you distribute?
Tru: I'll hit the underground, you know; work my way up spittin' clubs... or maybe seminaries and youth groups till someone has to sign me! It's not even like I'm the first to do this, though. The Cross Movement and others been givin' us that theocratic flow for years. They hot!
THO: One more thing: we're not sure "Didache" is a verb.
Tru: (laughs) You got me. But it's the essence in every lyric that I'm representing. Besides, I just like saying that: "I Didache your Tim Lahaye!"

See our related links on the right for audio samples, lyrics, a link to Tru Dawgma's Web site, and a "buy now" bottom for purchasing the full version of Straight Tribbin'!

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