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VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 1   |   Release date: May 15, 2004

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What R-rated movies besides "Passion" should Christian young people see?
Survey results and user comments

Below are some of the votes and comments submitted by readers who took last month's survey.

David - Melbourne, Vic
Voted For: PassionFruit
Reason: This big screen adaptation of the Songs of Solomon is sure to please everyone. With some of the greatest pickup lines this side of Gomorrah it does for Christian movies what the Act of Marriage did for Christian books. Worried your Christian teen may be picking up the wrong message about sex from movies like American Pie? Point them towards a more spiritual fruit (like figs *nudge nudge wink wink*) and you'll be surprised how quick they are to pick up - their Bible that is!

Christian Miller - LaGrange, KY
Voted For: Braveheart
Reason: You've seen Gibson kill Christ. Now watch Gibson kill Gibson!

Frank Thomas - Memphis, TN
Voted For: The Last Temptation of Christ
Reason: To get the real story.

Josh - Memphis, TN
Voted For: Pulp Fiction
Reason: They mention Jesus and God throughout the entire movie. It's a great evangelistic tool for any believer.

Brian La Croix - Aberdeen, SD
Voted For: Conspiracy Theory
Reason: 1) Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts rock. 2) Mel's character gives all sorts of helpful information about conspiracies. This helped me get rid of all my new $100 bills because of the tracking device in them. Oh wait - I'm a pastor - I've only seen $100 dollar bills on television and movies... Anyway, it is a great primer in how the government is working to squelch religious freedom and free thought. Make sure all your survivalist friends see it.

Laura - Metairie, LA
Voted For: Hellboy
Reason: It's a heartwarming tale of redemption and self-sacrificing service to others.

Laura - Metairie, LA
Voted For: The Girl Next Door
Reason: Because Hellboy is only rated PG-13! Jeez, it's so hard to find a suitably offensive redemption tale these days.

Jason Reeves - Redwood City, CA by way of Joplin, MO 'cause I'm in college
Voted For: The Ladykillers
Reason: Probably the most obscene (language wise) moralistic movie ever made, its hilarious and everyone loves Tom Hanks, oh and the Coen Brothers are geniuses, and because PG-13 movies suck, except Lord of the Rings... OK I'll stop rambling.
THO's Response: Phew! It's a good thing you clarified! Who knows where our servers would've routed your submission if they had thought you were submitting it from R.C.!? Also, we bet you're still rambling.

Ryan Cordell - Kandern, Germany
Voted For: The Big Kahuna
Reason: It has a great example of how Christians should live, work, and interact with people who don't share the same beliefs. Yet at the same time it shows some of the conflicts that Christians face in their own lives. A little language gives it the ''R'' rating, but for Christians who don't live in a Christian bubble, it is nothing new.

Spaz - Silverton, OR
Voted For: The Patriot
Reason: 1) Heath Ledger is insanely cute.
2) I laughed, I cried, it moved me.
3) Mel Gibson is in it...he directed Passion, so that means anything he has been involved with has to be good, right?
4) The storyline rocked my face off.
5) The most important issue: the f-word was never used. (this way, those innocent Christian kids won't be 'tainted')

Ryan W. - Louisville, KY
Voted For: The Punisher
Reason: Let's go on and throw that ''turn the other cheek'' stuff out the window along with everything else that is biblical.
THO's Response: You may want to re-read the question.

Evan - Brownsburg, IN
Voted For: Se7en
Reason: Give the kids a whole new appreciation for Thomas Aquinas!!!

Jeremy Perigo - Virginia Beach, VA
Voted For: Swingers
Reason: It is a realistic look at the postmodern male.

Voted For: Gladiator
Reason: What those other people were doing in the arena before they tossed the Christians in...

Tim! - Auburn, WA
Voted For: Pulp Fiction
Reason: It is a lot like the Old Testament.

Dirt Pirate - High Seas
Voted For: Boat Trip
Reason: Avast! If Hell be as bad as sitting through that movie, then it be an incentive for the young guns to straighten up and fly right! HAR!

Caity - Grand Rapids, MI
Voted For: Requiem for a Dream
Reason: A film that is strange, yet powerful in its portrayal of lives that people with drug addictions live. If you can talk after watching this film then you obviously fell asleep or didn't understand the message - something most Christians struggle with anyways. So, uh...if you are Christian and decide to watch this film...maybe watch it after you have listened to the director's comments.

Stephen Thurnau - Virginia Beach, VA
Voted For: Braveheart
Reason: What people are crying out for now-a-days are role models that are dependable. They stick to what they are good at. Anyone can do something once on a whim, like die on a cross, or run a marathon. But William Wallace in Braveheart doesn't just kill one person, he kills person after person after person...all for God...and sometimes his girlfriend. Plus, its got Mel Gibson in it, and God loves Mel Gibson!

Kyle - Rochester, NY
Voted For: Old Yeller
Reason: I really wish it was rated R.
THO's Response: Check out the director's cut!

Rich Wooten - Minneapolis, MN
Voted For: Gladiator
Reason: The great battles give a sense of destiny to young teens. Good triumphs over a real wiz-banger of an evil guy, even though both die in the end. After all, both the good and bad die anyway, so why not deal with it up front. Also great for anger management issues among young, conniving leaders.
THO's Response: <sarcasm>Oh spectacular – thanks for the preview! I hope everyone has seen it already. You must be great to watch movies with</sarcasm>.

Tim - Oneonta, AL
Voted For: Boat Trip (ref.)
Reason: So we can better relate to the Episcopal bishops.

Murphygirl - Denver, CO
Voted For: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Reason: It's driven.

ScottD - Midland, TX
Voted For: The Matrix
Reason: It's gotta be 'Matrix' (just the first one, though). If I hear one more radio commentary or see another article about the spiritual message of the matrix I'm gonna puke. Yeah, like my Messiah needs 'lots of guns'! The stunts were cool, and the camera wrap-around thingy was cool 'till everybody and their dog copied it.
THO's Response: Scott, we hadn't heard that there was any spiritual message in the Matrix! You'll have to tell us more about that. We'd like to see that "camera wrap-around thingy" put to better use on TBN. Any ideas?

Eleigh - Philadelphia PA
Voted For: Fight Club
Reason: Because it is the best anti-consumerist film and a good Christian shouldn't give money to all those heathens in big business.
THO's Response: We doubt anyone gives money to all of them.

Daryl - Birmingham, AL
Voted For: The Terminator (all three of them)
Reason: Kids would love the witty banter, the clever one-liners, the realistic dialogue...oh, and the repetitive stuff, too! Kids like repetitive...

Jason - Chicago, IL
Voted For: Rambo Trilogy
Reason: What better series of films to remind young Christians what it means to be a true God-fearing, machine-gun toting patriot in these confusing post-Cold War times. Besides, John Rambo is the real ''Army of One'' for a time when we need red/white/and blue-blooded holy warriors to hunt down Osama and his disciples from their respective spider-holes, cavernous caves and/or suburban swimming pools.

Tim - Cincinnati, OH
Voted For: Kingpin
Reason: It teaches a valuable lesson about the dangers of the bowling ball return machine. And also about the dangers of the Amish. Don't be fooled by their neck beards and well made furniture, they're just biding their time until civilization falls at which point they'll be the only ones able to survive without modern conveniences and the Army of the Amish will sweep across the world with their beautiful, hand made weapons and they'll turn us all into their butter churning slaves.
THO's Response: You must be referring to the director's cut. The theatrical release of Kingpin was PG-13. We haven't seen the director's cut... maybe it shows more of the scene where he's milking the cow?

Sam Donaldson - Roanoke, VA
Voted For: Matrix (I,II,III)
Reason: These brilliant films were nothing more than analogy for Biblical themes. Sure there was nudity, sex, foul language, nudity (wait, I said that already) and gross violence... wait, am I talking about the Passion?

Landon Paul Ditto - Memphis, TN
Voted For: Se7en
Reason: Sure the title of this film is a ''holy number'' and all but I think the real application can be taken from our psycho friend (played by Kevin Spacey) in the movie. I'm sure even our boy Brad Pitt would agree that the killer's life was not purpose driven at all but instead sent out an alarming message to the world that he would surely be left behind...Oh yeah, and the movie says you'll be beaten without mercy and killed if you commit certain sins which should surely turn out some conversions.

Lori - Fort Worth, TX
Voted For: Left Behind
Reason: Oops, Left Behind isn't an R-rated movie, we know. But it should be... The R standing for ''REEKS''!
THO's Response: Oh, ziiiiing!! Good one! Vic Sarin is so mad at you now!

Jimmy Jam - Brooklyn, NY
Voted For: 21 Grams
Reason: Jack Jordan, Benicio Del Toro, is a born again ex-con that offers an outstanding depiction of what it means to go from scary killer man to well, go see the movie. Dude, I can't give it all away.
THO's Response: You see, Wooten (above)!? It's called consideration.

Voted For: Kill Bill, Vol. I and II
Reason: 1. It mentions God several times.
2. Japanamation
3. It still has less blood in it than the Passion does.

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