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VOLUME 3 • ISSUE 2   |   Release date: October 15th, 2007

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Boy Sends Actual Leftovers to Sponsor Child

Mother proud, World Vision not impressed

PASADENA, CA – There are three things about dinner that 12-year-old Billy Geddis hates: Brussels sprouts, acorn squash, and having his mother insist he eats them because there are starving children in Africa.  This is why two months ago Billy took matters into his own hands and killed three birds with one stone. “I hate Brussels sprouts, so I sent them to Africa.”

It's uncertain who received this first package. According to his mother, Susanna Geddis, it was postmarked "To: Afrika." One thing that is certain is how proud she is that her little boy is reaching out to those in need.

"He has such a compassionate heart!" she gushed. "I've been teaching him for years of our hungry brothers and sisters overseas, and I guess he's finally grown to realize the importance of sacrifice."

Billy agreed. "Yeah. I'm glad I, um, grew up a little. Whatever it takes."

Since sending his initial package, Billy has helped shape a more coordinated effort, which includes saving the leftovers from a week of dinners and mailing them all at once to his family's World Vision sponsor child, Balo Yambayamba, in Zambia.

His initiative has taken his entire Sunday school class by storm. Within only three weeks of hearing about what he did, all 19 students in Valley Bible Chapel's 5th and 6th-grade class were sending unwanted portions of their dinners to Africa each week.

Billy's classmates couldn't be happier. "One time I had to stand in the corner for 4 hours because I wouldn't finish my beans, or stop smearing snot on the wall," said Lance Brecker, 11. "This way is lots easier!"

12-year-old Stacey Burke added, "If someone has to eat my mom's gross creamed corn, I pick the Africans."

Not everyone is so enthusiastic about the concept.  Jeffery Litton, director of World Vision's regional office in Zambia, responded in a phone interview with THO, "Do you really need me to explain why this isn't a good idea? I think these folks are overestimating the preserving power of Ziploc's Double Guard freezer bags. And they could at least put the different foods in separate bags! But if people really want to help, I've got two words: Benjamin Franklins."

For Billy, things have never been better. "This is great! And I'm looking into other options. Maybe Africa also needs the lame wool sweaters with birds knitted on them that I get from my grandparents each Christmas."End of story


But Seriously...

While The Holy Observer is generally aimed at a light-hearted laugh, we occasionally want to bring to your attention more serious issues and without the jokes.  This is one of those times.

The Crisis in Northern Uganda

Children at War

Without getting too in depth (click the links below for that), let us give a snapshot of the predicament in Uganda right now.

  • A 21-year conflict in northern Uganda has forced more than 1.4 million people into displacement camps with abhorrent conditions.
  • It is estimated 1,000 people die each week due to lack of clean water, food, and medical care.
  • Thousands of children abducted into the LRA and forced to be soldiers or sex slaves are still being brutalized.

Gulu WalkGuluWalk is focused on providing a future for the abandoned children of northern Uganda. Thousands of people walk each year to give voice to this story and to fundraise in support of children's programs that focus on education, rehabilitation and youth outreach.

What can I do?

World VisionLearn more

Is it really that bad?
Gulu Walk > Northern Uganda
World Vision > Caution, Children at War - The Crisis in Northern Uganda

Thanks for reading and we hope you'll consider supporting these children with your prayers, finances, or by getting more heavily involved. And remember, Gulu Walk is October 20th, so get supporting!

THO Staff

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