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VOLUME 3 • ISSUE 4   |   Release date: December 17th, 2007

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Feedback From Our Readers

We've collected a slew of feedback—both good and bad—from our readers over the years. Below you can read through some of our favorites along with our responses. Most of the feedback we post on this page is negative. That's mainly because we think you'll enjoy reading our responses to negative feedback much more than you would enjoy reading a bunch of thank-you’s to the tons and tons of compliments we get.

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From: Anonymous Date: 2007-07-26 Type: Page Rating - 0
Reference: Hacker Attacks - Switches KJV and Amplified Bible

Humor, any humor, must have some grounding in fact -- however remote -- to be funny. Only a very few tiny fundamentalist groups adhere solely to the KJV translation of the Bible.

THO Response: Soooo... what you're saying is this article isn't funny at all because it's not even remotely based on fact, based on your assertion that it's only remotely based on fact? I mean, opposite of that.

Thanks for the rock. I'll cherish it always.
From: Matt Date: 2004-09-19 Type: Feedback Form: Comment
Reference: Southeastern Calvinists Determined to Fight Off Hurricanes

Concerning your article about Calvinists and hurricanes... Thousands of us Christians here in central Florida do believe that God's hand was upon the situation here. We lived through these hurricanes, we did so by God's power and might, and to see a Christian website make fun of us for this has got to be the lowest of lows. Many people lost their homes and livelihoods in these storms and the only thing you can do is
lampoon it.

Thanks for the rock. I'll cherish it always.

THO Response: Matt, we realize that God's hand is in all things. You are not being made fun of here. The satire is based on the idea of supposed Calvinists "choosing" to stay while the article uses phraseology such as "determined," "once save ... but I know it's possible to lose it," "compelled," "we have no choice," "it's our decision," etc. This article doesn't necessarily depict any real people; it sets up a little humor in the fact that some theologies can become a little quirky when paired with common speech/sayings (e.g. a strong-willed Calvinist who believes in determination). We're not even saying those theologies are wrong—only that they're simply enjoyable to think of in that light.

We apologize if our humor is offensive to you in this case. Our encouragement and concern goes out to everyone struggling through the hurricanes this season. We are confident that God is giving you the strength and peace you need during this time.

Hezekiah Scripture
From: Carol Date: 2004-08-09 Type: Feedback Form - Complaint Reference: Hezekiah 13:7

You are putting yourselves in a dangerous position quoting the Hezekiah Scripture and then publishing untruths under it. I think it serves no useful purpose to put such garbage on an informational highway which reaches young, old, uneducated, and vulnerable people who can be sucked in with what you so immaturely call 'humor.' You are a blight on this highway.

THO Response: Carol, we'll assume that you represent the not too young, not too old, educated, and invulnerable amongst us. Surely, then, you are aware that there is no such thing as "Hezekiah scripture." Consider your warning duly noted — we will think twice from now on when we publish untruths under a made-up scripture reference.

[ editor's note: previously, we had Hezekiah 13:7 displayed in the header graphic ]

Heresy Detector
From: Amy Date: 2004-08-03 Type: Page Rating - 0 Reference: Top 10 Summer Youth Group Activites

My heresy detector went off a few times with the various activity. Let's make sure these activities match the Biblical principles we hold true.

THO Response: This is what happens when your "heresy detector" is turned up so loud that you cannot hear your "crap detector" going off.

Unintentional Irony
From: Devil Worshipper Date: 2004-07-11 Type: Page Rating - 10
Reference: Darwinists Strike Again In Ichthus Fish Car Emblem Battle

The unintentional irony in the final sentence of the final paragraph is just too much. Thank you, creationists, for giving us all so many laughs.

THO Response: You're referring to the sentence that reads, "The last Tyrannosaurus Rex fell down dead over 60 million years ago. The Truth of literal biblical creationism, on the other hand, is the same yesterday, today, and forever."

Um...the irony was kind of intentional, actually. Thank you, devil worshipers, for giving us so many laughs!

God Shut Down
From: Maxine Date: 2004-07-02 Type: Page Rating - 0
Reference: Shutdown Season: Willow Creek Community Church Will Close its Doors for the Summer

Would you like God to shut down for the summer?

THO Response: Maxine, this comment has really made us think, and we've decided that we wouldn't like it at all. Thanks for the thought-provoking feedback!

Total Agreement
From: CHerb Date: 2004-07-16 Type: Page Rating - 10
Reference: Hacker Attacks - Switches KJV and Amplified Bible


THO Response: YES, WE COMPLE...ahem, sorry, no need to shout. We completely agree that if only we could come to a consensus on certain theological issues as a body of Christ all evil would come to an end. Unfortunately, so many people are still hanging on to outmoded doctrines like the works of John Calvin. But don't worry, brother, we at THO are pressing on toward the goal of theological consensus!

Guinness Questioned
From: Anonymous Date: 2004-06-05 Type: Page Rating - 3
Reference: Local Church First Ever to Hire Professional Web Designer

I don't know how the Guinness Book of Records people determined this, but I know of congregations that have used professional web designers long before June 2003, when this article was written. Even if the Guinness people are wrong, your headline implies that the congregation is the first, regardless of what Guinness says. The site of the Zion church of Christ ( was designed by a professional as early as 1996, if not before. The designer of that site has done other sites as well, in the 1990's and the early 2000's. So I rated this page as a 3 because of its inaccuracy. I gave it as high as a 3 because it at least used a source for its misinformation.

THO Response: Are you sure you want to use that church Web site as your example? As for your claims, we think your argument is really with the good people at Guinness. Although, if we were you, we’d think long and hard about going after them. They’ve got that 8 ½-foot guy on their side and that scary lady with the really long beard and other people who eat fire and see how long they can balance bicycles on their noses. So, we at THO don’t recommend throwing darts at the Guinness Book of World Records. Besides, they’ve probably already got someone in there who’s really good at throwing darts.

Jerry Falwell eating the Darwin fish?
From: Landon Date: 2004-04-23 Type: Feedback Form
Reference: Darwinists Strike Again In Ichthus Fish Car Emblem Battle

After reading your article entitled "Darwinists Strike Again In Ichthus Fish Car Emblem Battle," I was pleased with the humor of the article. But I was disturbed that no one had rebuttled this bold move made by Darwinists. What are the chances that THO could create a sterling silver emblem with Jerry Falwell eating the dino, eating the truth fish, eating the Darwin fish? While not only an effective tool in "drive-by evangelism", it would boost the retail value of any Kia on the road. Please consider posting my request to inform our readers of this campaign.

FalwellTHO Response: Landon, thank you for your feedback and suggestion. First of all, "rebuttal" isn't a verb. You probably meant "rebut" (i.e. "rebutted"). As for the emblem, THO isn't in the business of creating automobile accessories but we really like the idea! Although there doesn't appear to be such an emblem in the market, we were able to snap a photo of Falwell chewing on the T-Rex emblem at one of his speaking engagements—most likely as a gesture of his disapproval.

Clarification on Interdenominational Unity
From: Ryan Date: 2004-01-06 Type: Feedback Form Reference: Tips for Interdenominational Unity

I think your website is great as a whole, but I have two questions. I would simply like to hear what you think.

1. Concerning interdenominational unity: I agree that denominations that actually believe and promote the gospel should be more unified. In light of Scriptures such as 2 Tim 2:2 and the idea of guarding the faith carefully against false teachings, do you think all denominational divisions are wrong? In order to be true to one's conscience, you have to take a stand on central teachings of the Bible. Therefore, divisions will naturally come about at points where the Scriptures are unclear.

2. Concerning church history: I get the sense that the article for tips on interdenominational unity says we should throw out church history and theology that people have taught throughout the last 2000 yrs. However, church history safeguards us from falling into errors such as Aryanism. Example: To say that Calvinism is archaic reveals the article's belief about that doctrine, but it does not mean that it is false. The term "Calvinism" has only existed for a couple of centuries. However, you could also call it "Godism" or "Paulism" as it is taught throughout the Bible. Anyway, just a thought. Thanks.

THO Response: Ryan, we’re glad you like THO. We’ll tell you what we think about your comments.

1. We don’t think denominational divisions are wrong; we simply think all denominations that agree on the essential truths of Christianity should unify—into one denominational church. Until we’re united, there’s no way we’ll ever really know who’s right and who’s damned. The problem isn’t inherent within division; the problem is that some denominations are incorrect and sometimes even blasphemous about what they believe. So our goal should be uniting in what’s right. That way, even when we disagree with another denomination we can be certain that they’re right, too.

2. Concerning church history, we’re only saying we should throw out church history and theology that people have taught throughout the last 2000 years if it isn’t popular anymore. Like, what evangelical church believes in Calvinism these days?! All those great theologians of old like St. Augustine who helped form the church as we know it now must’ve missed the mark on this one. Call it what you want (i.e. Godism, Paulism, etc.), but we call it right out.


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