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EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Trinity Broadcasting Network Run by Atheists

Officials say goal was to make Christians look stupid

Category: The Media

SANTA ANA, CA – For everyone who has ever tuned into the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)—broadcast on satellite and cable systems across the country—and thought, “This can’t be serious,” it turns out you were right.

Local and federal law enforcement officials have uncovered an elaborate scheme engineered by an atheist group and aimed at embarrassing the Christian religion; a scheme that has been going on for nearly 30 years.

Among other startling discoveries, officials have learned that TBN—which has claimed from the beginning to exist for the purpose of furthering God’s kingdom – was actually founded by Broadcasters Against God (BAG)—a loosely organized faction of Hollywood atheists—in 1973 and has been operated by the group ever since.

“We’ve been on this case for years,” said special federal investigator Scott Hines. “I mean, come on. Have you ever watched this channel?”

A 250-page report released this week reveals that TBN’s ridiculous-looking sets featuring enormous purple thrones lined with ornate gold patterns and hosts with huge hairdos and caked-on makeup were used purposely to give bleary-eyed channel surfers a distorted view of Christianity.

“The biggest surprise to me is that we were able to get away with it for so long,” BAG President Wayne Mailer said in a signed confession included in the report. “I mean, seriously, Christians were actually giving money to keep this channel on the air! It was unbelievable.”

In fact, TBN was primarily supported by viewer contributions over the years, although officials are now taking a good, hard look at the motives behind a series of large gifts from media mogul Ted Turner.

“I pity the fools who gave money to this network,” born again entertainer Mr. T said upon learning of the scam. He’s just one of many Christians who unwittingly participated in the deception by making numerous appearances on TBN.

“This is totally whack,” echoed Christian music artist Carman, another TBN regular. “Anyone who would carry on something like this for so long needs a check up from the neck up. What the dilly?”

It’s unclear what charges will be levied against BAG since there are no laws against disingenuous programming. But one thing is almost certain—officials have no intention of walking away from years of investigating without handing down a conviction.

“Just putting together this kind of painful television for two decades deserves pretty serious punishment,” Hines said. “Believe me, we’re gonna make something stick.”

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  1. uh..that’s “What’s the DILLI-O”

    If you’re going to quote someone..get it right..

  2. Moedaddio you are such a yutz lolz

  3. It is a good thing that scams are exposed. desperate people turn to religious programmes to receive hope and when they are further scammed out of money (sometimes the source of their problems) it can lead to suicide. Thee so-called religious programmes need to be investigated BUT something should be done once the investigation exposes scams Good work. keep it up.

  4. HAHAHAHA. This is awesome.

  5. Let’s not forget that Tower of Babel that is being built Next to the Holy Land Experience.
    Jans materialistic attempt for eternal life.
    TBN is suppose to be stewards of the peoples “generous” donations. Instead, they use the money for their own Glory and to get as close to God as they can.

  6. Apostasy and spiritual deception are rampant in the Church in these last days. Christians simply must start exercising more spiritual discernment by praying for it and studying The Bible for themselves so they can recognize it. TBN founder Paul Crouch often rails against those whom he calls ” heresy hunters ” and falsely accuses of causing division when it fact it is the heretics themselves who cause it by teaching false doctrine. Therefore it is scriptural and good to shoot down heresies. ” Now I beseech you, brethren, MARK [ orig. Gr. word skopeō meaning to take aim at ] them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.” ~ Romans 16:17-18 KJV

  7. this is interesting.God forbide!

  8. There is all kinds of people and all have an opinion which may may not be true. I love to see proof. Please show me the proof. The truth will set both of us free.

  9. I WISH this were true, and I WISH I was the Atheist in charge of TBN-I would be filthy rich>:)

  10. Only stupid people keep networks like TBN funded. America is full of stupid people unfortunately. Crackpots like Pat Robertson and all the rest of his pathetic ilk are still shoveling the manure because stupid people keep them funded. Only in America do you find these crackpot bible thumpers on the tube making the American TV viewer a wee bit dumber. I’m just glad that America doesn’t have a dumb president. Obama is the first truly intelligent president and I believe Obama will continue to steer out the dumb, archaic traditions that dumbed down America in the first place. That means we need to emulate Europe and Asia. Europe aside from Asia has the most intelligent people in the world. The Europeans, Eastern Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Indians are way more intelligent than Americans are. Our only hope is that President Obama will allow for America to become a more progressive nation which will afford a greater advancements in education. Bush, junior Bush and Regan did more to destroy the education system and intelligence in America than any president. It took President Clinton to fix what the first Bush ruined, then Bush, Jr. destroyed everything Clinton had repaired. America would be dead if Romney had been elected. At least there were enough intelligent people to vote for Obama.

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