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Sponsor: Joel Osteen’s Blessed Whitestrips

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! How true…

  2. What a joke!!

  3. It’s like I’m looking at a horse

  4. I didn’t know a person could have THAT many teeth at one time.

  5. Of course, the real problem is that Osteen does not preach Christ crucified for sin and espouses the most wishy washy non committal approach to false doctrines of demons. He labels Mormons and other cult members, pagans and unbelievers as being Christians in his mind or simply says he can’t judge them. Not being able to define truth from a lie he is no spiritual guide as he is spiritually blind himself.

    Surely such ecumenism is likely to please the globalist luciferians in contributing to a one world religion which satan will control, but in no way glorifies Jesus Christ the true and only God of the universe.

    I am disgusted by Osteen’s version of self activated Christ consciousness and subtle promotion of the new age occult luciferian doctrine.

    Do not be deceived brethren.

  6. ROTFL!

  7. I have noticed that he is trying to teach some real truth to his congregation recently, including clean food laws.

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