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Top 10 Summer Youth Group Activities

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Youth Group Kids
Crazy Youth Group Kids

Kids these days are crazy! It takes wild events simply to keep their attention. We’ve searched churches all across the US in order to find the very best youth group activities planned for this summer. If you’re looking for ideas for your youth group, feel free to use any of these activities to get your summer going! And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any better plans!

  • Praise-Rave Bump & Grind on the Boardwalk

    Hope Church – Ocean City, MD

    Hope Church is turning cold-contact witnessing into the hottest thing on the boardwalk! If you really want someone to listen to you while you’re sharing the gospel it’s best if they feel close to you. And what better way is there to get close than by getting your groove on with God-seeking strangers, set to the latest underground club music? Hope Church’s DJ T-Max will be spinnin’ for soul winnin’ this summer, July 25-31.

  • Tract-A-Thon Fundraiser for Trip to Florida

    First Church of the Nazarene – South Portland, ME

    This summer, youth group kids from FCN-SP are spending evenings and weekends at the Maine Mall, passing out gospel tracts to passersby. Each student received monetary pledges for the number of tracts he or she could hand out during the one-week fundraiser, with the money to support the youth group’s annual trip to the Florida amusement parks. Youth Pastor James Caple encourages all the teens to pass out as many tracts as possible, because, in the words of the fundraiser slogan, “You’re not a real Christian until you get beat up for it!”

  • Second Annual Mosh-a-Thon

    Vineyard Fellowship – Dayton, OH

    YOUth 4 Yahweh, the youth group of Vineyard Fellowship is raising funds for its mission trip to Daytona Beach. The Mosh-a-Thon is a cool updated version of the rock-a-thon – a popular fundraiser for youth groups of the 70’s and 80’s, where Christian kids “rocked” in rocking chairs while “vibing” to Sandy Patty. Christian death metal band Bleeding Prophet will perform. After hospital bills and 2 lawsuits, last year’s Mosh-a-Thon cost Vineyard Fellowship $3,176.24, and the mission trip to Cancun was cancelled. More profitable results are expected this year due to a mandatory waiver that all kids’ parents must sign.

  • 10th Annual “Free” Car Wash

    Billings Church of God in Christ – Billings, MT

    For a decade now, the teens of Billings Church of God in Christ have held this paradoxical free fundraiser. Although the advertising will suggest the car wash is free, youth group members have been instructed to guilt anyone who takes advantage of the service into making a “voluntary donation” to benefit the groups other summer activities.

  • Make Fun of the Amish Day

    Mennonite Brethren Assembly – Pottsville, PA

    Influential youth group members Stephen Williams and Chuck Truman lead this annual event once again. Sources say this event, in keeping with a two-year tradition, will consist of sitting on a hill overlooking a field where those goofy-looking Amish guys are harvesting corn using only a mule-drawn cart and a hand operated scythe. With any luck, the one guy’s daughters will come out of the farmhouse so students in attendance can scoff at their outdated dresses and bonnets. (This event is unofficial and is not sanctioned by the Mennonite Brethren, its official board or any member of its staff.)

  • Flash Mob at Democratic National Convention

    All youth groups in proximity to the convention

    Youth Pastor Wade O’ Leary of Calvary Chapel Boston “got the vision” for a “Contemporary Christian Flash Mob” while reading Jesus’ prayer for Christian unity in John 17. “I thought, what better way for real Christian youth to show their zeal and unity than to protest some liberals?” O’Leary has snail-mailed in excess of 5,000 fliers to various churches in New England, inviting the youth to show up outside the Fleet Center on the 26th of July at 7:08 p.m. and chant the “I love Jesus, yes I do” chant. He’s also advertised the event on W.O.R.D. FM in Boston. When informed that Flash Mobs are so 2003, and were usually organized more discreetly, O’Leary said, “Jesus is cool yesterday, today, and forever.”

  • Lutheran Church Field Trip

    Portland Christian Fellowship – Portland, OR

    Jesus Junkies – the 234-member youth group at PCF – will be visiting 39-member Immanuel Lutheran on Sunday, June 20th to, as Lead Pastor Jensen Everett says, “see the last vestiges of what God was doing in the early 20th century.”

  • “I Kissed Virginity Good-bye”
    A Very Special Weekend With Joshua Harris

    Bethel Baptist – Butte, MT

    August 6-8 at Cripple Creek Cabin. Bethel Baptist is inviting young people ages 12-17 to attend this exciting weekend retreat with popular ex-virgin and speaker Joshua Harris. Mr. Harris will be sharing the life-changing principles and techniques that brought him out of a life of celibacy. Special music will be provided by Stacie Orrico and other hot, er holy Christian singles, er singers.

  • Non-alcoholic Keg Party

    Harvest Church – Sandusky, OH

    Portland’s Harvest Church is “meeting kids where they are” this summer with its Non-alcoholic Keg Party on August 6th. Pastor Jeff Spurdock explains, “If we want students to relate to Christ, we need to relate to them first! This function serves to let them know we can party too, sort of – and have almost as must fun!” There will be a non-indulgent limit of 3 beverages per student.

  • Budget Surplus Shopping Spree

    Life Community Church – Atlanta, GA

    This summer LCC is asking unchurched high school students to “‘spend’ just one evening with Jesus” as part of their “SeekerSummer ’04.” All of LCC’s 2004 tithes that exceed their YTD budget will be divided between the expected 120 high school students. The students will then be given 1 hour to spend their funds on “the coolest stuff possible” at the Mall of Georgia. Leader Don Hingles believes “this event appropriately communicates God’s desire to abundantly provide for His children in really cool ways!” LCC’s current budget surplus is $68,429.

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  1. I can’t help but feel like this article is promoting un-Christian behavior. It is shameful to teach children to hate liberals (the flash mob), make fun of Lutheran tradition (#4) and gawk at Amish people. God loves us all the same, and we should not be instilling prejudice values into the youth of the church. I work with the youth in the Episcopal Church, where I have never been taught to judge any other group of people based on their beliefs or practices, and would never think of pushing these things on the children. I was very upset to stumble upon this article when looking for wholesome things for my youth group to do this summer.

  2. I think the ideas are okay like the “non Alchoholic” keg party….its just a way to “sort of ” meet the kids half way without going against God’s word. I also help with my churches youth group and I believe that this generation of students is a generation where we need to break through that old “routine” style of church and as leaders put our heads together and start thinking of ways to get this generation of kids attention and to stop worring about what other people are going to say, God called us to be salt and light to this world and with God with us, who can be against us.

  3. I’ve never written an article response before, but as a fellow Christian, I am appalled at the haterade you’re offering up as youth activities. What is the Greatest Commandment? Love. Not making fun of the Amish, Lutheran’s or Liberals. We are all God’s children.

  4. WOW. so this is horrible. most of these go against God’s word. wow. I was looking for ways to be a good example for Christ in my community of non believers, not give Christians a bad name.

  5. This has to be a spoof. No Christian would really do some of the things suggested here, and no Christian community would stand for it.

  6. Is this for real?? I was reading along and decided this had to be a joke. When I got to the Mennonite one I was SURE it was a joke. Unfortunately I think I’m mistaken! This frightens me as some of my non-Christian friends would be shocked if they heard their children doing things like these! I am ashamed to be called a Christian if this is what American Christians are like!!!

    And not only is this an ENTIRE mis-representation of our Lord Jesus Christ, I also think it is bringing shame to His name. Josh Harris also is shown in a light that is totally in correct, if you knew the man.

    We are to be Holy as He-GOD-is holy!

  7. Hello,

    After reviewing the above posts, i can understand that some of these ideas are Great! Others, however, promote negative thinking among students. At this age, if the church does it, why cant they set fire to flags, become members of KKK, etc? I love the ideas, and they are well thought out, but Why not change a few of them to excite the kids positively, not targeting a demographic./political stance/amish…Remember, we must be in the world, but not of the world….

    always changing the way we minister, but NEVER altering the substance in which we preach!

    Pastor D

  8. Needless to say this is a total farce not to be taken seriously… AT ALL!!! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s funny, but do it’s all SUPPOSED to be satirical. Not even sure if they’ve come close… This is the “disclaimer” on the bottom of the page… at least they’ve included that for us:


    The stories and content on The Holy Observer are mostly fabricated and should not be taken seriously. Real names are used on occasion for satirical purposes, but the quotations and situations associated with those names are usually fictitious.

    If you are offended by any of the content on The Holy Observer, there is probably some good reason why you shouldn’t be. If you can’t figure out what that reason is, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not smart enough to understand why you shouldn’t be offended, but it probably does.

    If you have any questions, comments, or would like more information about The Holy Observer, please contact us.

    All of the content on this site is ©copyright The Holy Observer. If you would like to reuse any of the content for any purpose, please contact us and we will determine whether or not it is permissible.

  9. I agree this is ridiculous what the name of these things are, they are obseen and unholy

  10. Wow people, chill out. I’m a youth pastor and probably stumbled onto this page for the same reason most of you did. I was looking at what other youth ministries are doing for the summer. As I was reading this, I quickly noticed that it’s NOT REAL! However, that being said, it was hilarious to read some of them, as the reality is – MANY thick-headed Christians can’t get past these exact suggestions. The difference is, when they are done, they have a different description (of course), however, the result is ALWAYS the same.

    I don’t know who writes this stuff, and I don’t really care. If they are Christians, their reasoning is probably exactly what I just wrote. If they are non-Christians, first of all, Christians have no place to point fingers at non-Christians for not behaving “Christianly”. Second – IT’S HOW THE REST OF THE WORLD VIEWS THICK HEADED CHRISTIAN MORONS WHO CAN’T GET OVER TRADITIONAL GARBAGE THAT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!

    Sorry if you find this offensive, but get over it, and start viewing the real mission field through the eyes of Christ!

  11. Now i see why parents are so afraid to trust youth leaders. About 6 years ago, in the large church we were attending, a youth pastor was responsible for leading many, many young people astray. The activities more than “pushed the limits”. Families left the church because of some of the “fun activities”. That leader/pastor then had a moral failure. His youth group was hundred’s of kids. My son was one of them and died two years ago in a car accident. Look, youth leaders have a responsibility. Every kid is a soul that hangs in the balance. Jesus is coming back for a remnant (A very small part of the church). Not everyone who cries, “Lord, Lord…..we did miracles in your name and casted out demons in your name,” will enter. To many, He will say, “Away from me, I never KNEW you.” Are you leading our kids to Jesus or away from Him? Why would you teach kids to make fun of Amish? Why would you instill values that are OPPOSITE to GOD’S WORD? Either these leaders are lost themselves, or this is a sick joke. Either way….if other leaders do not know who they are in Christ and the responsibility that they carry – read this and implement it- you and they are responsible for the blood of our children. REPENT!

  12. As a Christian I know reading these at first can raise the hairs on your neck but if you take time to read some of the other articles on this website- this is all purely satire, written to joke about youth groups and how sometime the things we do can get a little out of hand and don’t make sense at times. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page it reads: DISCLAIMER (read this if you’re freaking out right now)- read it, and then see the Christian humor in all of this. No, I do not think joking about youth groups is entirely a good thing- but after learning about satire at school and understanding the role it plays in today’s society, I think this is kind of funny.

  13. Ha Ha! Two things that are hilarious. The article is great. It totally captures that manic spirit of “christianizing” worldly events to get kids to come at any cost. Very funny. Maybe even more shocking is how many people think these are real suggestions. My favorite are the few that hesitatingly thought these were sort of good ideas! Too much! Oh well.

    If you didn’t get it, this article was about you.

  14. Are the kids in the photo flashing gang signs? Shaming someone into giving a donation? Spending under budget monies for cool stuff? Making fun of other people? What is this teaching? Surely not the love of the God I know.

  15. you’ve got to be out of your mind. repent and may the Lord have mercy on you guys so as to spare your life!!!!!!

  16. You are a moron. If you were my youth pastor you’d be fired immediately.

  17. First: of course this is satire.

    Second: it’s funny.

    Third: if you don’t think it’s funny, get a sense of humor, or quit reading it

    Fourth: Christian or not, writing/reading is a 1st amendment right that the Fundies have yet to yank away from the citizens of this country — Thank GOD!!!

    Fifth: my God has a sense of humor — He created you, didn’t He?

  18. You got me! I admit it, you got me fair and square! I guess I’ve never been a fan of the ‘roast’ and so I’ll let you get back to your masochistic ways and beg off a sadistic relationship by calling out “Palomino.” “Palomino!” “PALOMINO!!!”

  19. HA! i dont think you guys know what moshing OR grinding is! hahahaha kids will be kids i suppose, let ’em live their lives.

  20. I am a youth leader in my church and think this website is a profound mockery of what real Christianity stands for. And to the youth pastor, maybe you need to rethink how you are looking at the world. We as “real Christians” do not need to bring the world into the church. This is a great fallacy among the churches today! We cannot sacrifice the truness and holiness of the Word of God and what it teaches. My personal opinion is that this website is a joke, and i do have a great sense of humor, but not when it comes to teaching something so precious as God’s children!

  21. As a youth leader of my church. I cant believe what you are teaching these keeps. To JUDGE. Keg party. im sorry to tell you but if you havent realize, maybe what does kids need are a hug or a friend in there youth leader. If you teaching them to make fun of the amish. what makes you think they wont do it in school even worst make fun of new youth members. if i was a kid coming to your church ill have a bad expirience by what you are teaching.

  22. are you kidding me?? these suggestions are so far off base that i stand in utter amazement. whoever posted this article needs to take a second look at what is in the best interest for our youth as they grow up in a world that is falling away from Christ. God help us all!

  23. So I got suckered- I thought this was a real article. After I realized it wasn’t though I got a good laugh at it.

  24. I am a 17 years old. Personally, if I was invited to most of these events, I would have to decline. For the most part, they are not Christian like at all. I would be thinking to myself, what kind of church does that?! I was very disappointed to find this article. :-/ I don’t think our Lord would be very happy about it either. There’s a way to do things, and a way not to. This isn’t the right way. Any event like these would not make me want to become a Christian.

  25. This is someones idea to get back at the christian community. Hey sorry you were hurt by the church but this is a stupid idea to get a laugh and revenge.

  26. haha… I knew this was a joke on the top when it said “Praise Rave Bump and Grind”…. we obviously shouldn’t put on a youth party and encourage our youth practice there sexual marriage moves…. basically what bumping and grinding is.
    What gets me, after reading all the comments from youth pastors all over… what I think we need is Youth Pastors to RELAX…. not relax on preaching the WHOLE Word or relax on boundaries. I mean take a chill pill, take a FLIPPIN joke!!!! Like the JOKES above and RELAX!!! I grew up in church, there was only one thing in church that drove me crazy and still to this day(as a Youth Leader) can’t handle…. UPTIGHT, OVERDRAMATIC, SPAZZTIC, LEGALISTIC, and SHOVE-IT-DOWN-YOUR-THROTE Adults!!! ahhh they suck!!!
    Let us not become what drives youth away from us. True story.


  28. this is very un church like behavior and i dont agree with any of this, its a disgrace to good God oriented youth groups. you should be ashamed

  29. Seriously guys- read the disclaimer and “The Truth” at the bottom of the page.

  30. We should all read the disclaimer before commenting further.


    “The stories and content on The Holy Observer are mostly fabricated and should not be taken seriously. Real names are used on occasion for satirical purposes, but the quotations and situations associated with those names are usually fictitious.

    If you are offended by any of the content on The Holy Observer, there is probably some good reason why you shouldn’t be. If you can’t figure out what that reason is, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not smart enough to understand why you shouldn’t be offended, but it probably does.

    If you have any questions, comments, or would like more information about The Holy Observer, please contact us.

    All of the content on this site is ©copyright The Holy Observer. If you would like to reuse any of the content for any purpose, please contact us and we will determine whether or not it is permissible.”

  31. I must say that I was shocked to read this article. Like some others, I thought it was a joke, and now that it appears that it is not I am shocked that such events could be considered glorifying to God. If we start believing that we have to get as close to looking like the world as we can in order to reach the lost WE are lost. If you want to draw numbers go for it. If you want to save kids and see them become like Jesus, then live like Jesus, not like the world. If radical Christ-like living is not enough to save the lost then we have nothing to offer.

  32. I suggest that the truly peeved people will someday wiki The Holy Observer and see what kind of information it brings up.

  33. I don’t agree with any of these ideas. This must be some kind of sick joke.I don’t think a lot of people found this very funny though.

  34. No wonder, it’s getting so hard to defend our position as Christians with that type of youth leadership.

  35. I understand that these post are fabricated, but I think there is more truth to these than we realize. It has become very popular in “Christianity” today for people to think that in order to reach teens you need to look, act, and sound like some “Christian” version of the world. This is made apparent with the CCM movement. Has the Gospel lost its power? Are the teens of our culture somehow unreachable by the Gospel? The Bible is clear that we are to “come out from among them and be ye seperate,” yet “Christians” today promote becoming almost indistinguishable from the world in order to reach them. When we water down the Gospel “in order to reach more”, you have to stop and think, what are we reaching them with? Yes, you got a larger crowd, but what kind of Christ did you preach to them? Apparently not one that deserves reverence. Shouldn’t becoming ” a new creature” evidence itself in our lives? Teens will have more respect for the ones who are willing to live holy, seperated lives, than the ones who are trying to be a “Christian” version of themselves.

  36. bahahaha this is hilarious.

    This is fake, and its written so well that you almost cant tell. Whoever is writing this obviously has some church experience and knows how to use satire to draw out the elements of the church that Christians refuse to see LOL

  37. Seriously? This is awful….as Christians aren’t we supposed to be separate from the world? Half of these activities are showing teens it is ok to mimic the things of the world ,and the other half is not very loving. How can you expect to win the lost world to Christ when you are copying the same sins of the world?

  38. This is a stupid article!!!!!

  39. This is very sad. Why would someone say that this is a christian site where it teaches people to be better christians, yet you have an event on here called “Kiss virginity good-bye” my youth group will not be participating in any of these events! As a youth leader and a follower of Jesus Christ this sincerly upsets me!

  40. I really got closer to God by making fun of all the Amish around here. They enjoyed my harsh comments and rude gestures. The funnest part was making fun of the little babies and the elderly people. The day ended when the Amish community rallied against our little hill party and came running at us with pitch forks and torches.


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