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Darwinists Strike Again With T-Rex Eating Ichthus Fish Eating Darwin Fish Emblem

Category: Society
Darwin T-Rex
Darwin T-Rex eating the Truth Fish eating the Darwin fish on the tailgate of a 2004 Ford F-150

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The creators of the notorious “Darwin Fish” car emblem have developed a controversial new product designed to win a decisive victory in a battle that has raged for a decade now. In a move hailed by supporters as “the final blow” in that battle, Ring of Fire Enterprises is set to release their newest product, a silver outline of a Tyrannosaurus Rex eating the creationist “Truth Fish.”

The ten-year clash began when Ring of Fire Enterprises released its first product, the infamous Darwin fish. Designed to counter the popularity of the Ichthus Fish, the original Christian fish symbol, the first Ring of Fire emblem featured an Ichthus Fish with evolutionary feet and the word “Darwin” emblazoned inside. The creationist response was the now-famous “Truth” emblem, a larger Ichthus fish containing the word “truth” swallowing the Darwin fish whole.

For years, the Truth fish has been the last word in automotive iconography—until now. In late 2003, the ROF board of directors commissioned a new image, one that would counter the popularity of the Truth fish.

“It’s a matter of finishing what we started, really,” says ROF co-founder Nona S. Williams with a chuckle. “The original Darwin fish stated our initial message well, but we had to admit the Christians responded pretty strongly. We don’t anticipate they can trump the new T-Rex emblem so easily!”

Indeed, the board of directors was hoping for a decisive blow when it commissioned the new piece; from the start, it was proposed to be the largest car emblem yet. For such a task, they called upon the talents of the anonymous designer of the original Darwin fish.

They were not disappointed. The new emblem is five to six times larger than its predecessor, and the dinosaur devours an actual-size Truth fish, leaving a broken fin at its feet. It is so large that it won’t fit on most compact cars. In fact, the instructions included with the new piece—which retails for $24.95—suggest purchasing an SUV or pickup truck in order to display it.

Williams admits this might deter some people from purchasing their newest product. But, she says, ROF was willing to accept that drawback on a statement that will be difficult if not impossible to thwart. “The creationists might be able to come up with something to eat our T-Rex—God knows they’re clever enough to come up with bogus theories about the primordial fossil record—but let’s see them fit it on their cars!”

The release of the T-Rex emblem has some in the Christian community worried. But the latest attack on the Ichthus fish doesn’t worry Bob Woodward, the creator of the Truth fish. In a recent press release, he argued that truth is more than a catchy slogan or trendy bumper sticker, and pointed out a fatal flaw in the Darwinists’ decision to include a dinosaur in their latest offering: extinction. “The last Tyrannosaurus Rex fell down dead over 60 million years ago. The Truth of literal biblical creationism, on the other hand, is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

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  1. Just one minute there! I’m working on the design of the “Giant Asteroid of Judgement” blowing the T-Rex to bits. It’s larger than I had hoped, but effective carpool planning should make displaying this coup de grace doable. When it comes to pending cataclysim, evolutionist can crawl, walk, or run, but they can’t hide.

  2. Bill, do you mean the impending environmental cataclysm that we humans are forcing upon ourselves with our continued pollution–that cataclysm, or the impending world war that will be fought because of cultural/religious differences? I’m unsure as to which one you are writing about.
    It’s interesting to me that many Christians just can’t wait for the “rapture.”

  3. James, it’s quite obvious Bill is referring to the cataclysm of the “Giant Asteroid of Judgment”, for which he’s working on an emblem design.

  4. Right, Phil…riiiight. OK.

  5. I’m currently working on the actual ‘giant asteroid of judgement’ as we speak. Should be here by December of 2012. I’m shooting for just before Christmas, but astronomical events can be dicey. I hear the inca calendar says something about that year, purely coincidencidental I can assure you.

  6. Where can you buy it? I really want to get it for my dad for fathers day. Can some one send me a link to a website so i can get one?

  7. Maybe the ignorant Christians could place a big boat with two of every 20 million animal species on top of the T-Rex. When will they remove theirs head from the sand (or other places)?

  8. This illustrates a larger problem; Chrisitans are frequently lumped into the “radical” stereotype by people who consider militant evolutionaries equally insane…what about not throwing “your pearls amongst the swine”? The decade old “Battle of the Bumper Stickers” only proves that activists (whatever their cause) would rather fight over eye candy than address serious issues at large.

  9. Totally funny I constantly have people pushing Jebus on me thats why i try to carry a fossil on me.

  10. Does anyone have a link to someone that’s selling it?

  11. I wrote this article a few years back. Interestingly enough, since we published it, Ring of Fire has in fact developed the product. Someone in my neighborhood has one on his car.

    Too bad they’re not sending me any royalties.

    Co-Founder, The Holy Observer

  12. God’s #1 source for Christian news? Wow, that’s quite a claim.
    I think you probably take yourselves too seriously.
    Maybe God subscribes to or reads your blog too.
    Or maybe you could do an article quoting him . . .

  13. The Truth fish eating the darwin fish, resting on top of a T-Rex skeleton.

  14. … Bob Woodward, the creator of the Truth fish. … pointed out a fatal flaw in the Darwinists’ decision to include a dinosaur in their latest offering: extinction. “The last Tyrannosaurus Rex fell down dead OVER 60 MILLION YEARS AGO. The Truth of literal biblical creationism, on the other hand, is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

    Biblical creation: 6,000 years ago
    Last T Rex died 60,000,000 years ago

    Doesn’t Bob Woodward believe his bible then?

  15. I can already see the next bumper sticker:

    A zombie jeebus sitting in a saddle on dino-back.

  16. What the hell is a Darwinist? Am I a Newtonist and an Einsteinist?

  17. Got here late, but after having Good Christian Folk mess the car’s paint job four times in three states tearing my Darwin Fish (and her relatives) off the vehicle in the name of their religion, I do like this idea.

    Has anyone considered hooking a giant capacitor to the thing and giving the next Christian Taliban vandal a nice set of stigmata?

    Good Point, Joshua:
    “The decade old “Battle of the Bumper Stickers” only proves that activists (whatever their cause) would rather fight over eye candy than address serious issues at large.”
    When people find their control over their world isn’t what it used to be ….. and never was …. they tend to cling to the few things they think they can control. Unfortunately, God and Guns tend to figure large in those few things.

    With everything that needs fixing in the world, look at the things people choose to get upset about. Maybe it’s time to give the cockroaches and staph colonies their shot. It’s pretty unlikely that homo sapiens will get even close to Neanderthal’s longevity.

    Oh, and Brian? Did you know they translated that last group of glyphs on the Mayan calendar? It reads “repeat from start.”

  18. Where care we purchase the larger dinosaur eating the truth fish? I cannot find it anywhere!

  19. @Geoff, great job reciting the joke. Now can you laugh at it?