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If you’ve been wondering what’s causing that emptiness you’re feeling inside, it’s that THO hasn’t been in your life. Well, maybe it’s because you need to get closer to God, but an easier first step is following us. So go now and do it! Abundant joy awaits!

THO Privacy Statement

The Holy Observer is committed to protecting your privacy. This statement explains where and why we collect your personal information and what we do with it.

Information Gathered

Certain forms on THO ask you to provide personal information such as your name, location, and e-mail address. THO does NOT sell, rent, lend, or give any information gathered through these forms to any third party.

Basically, we collect this information for our own purposes. In the case of e-mail addresses, we use them either for sending our monthly newsletter (if gathered from the newsletter form) or for replying to reader feedback and rating comments. As for collecting readers’ locations, this is simply because we’re interested in knowing. Locations will also be posted in our survey results if a particular survey submission is used.

T-Shirt Orders

THO uses PayPal’s services for selling T-shirts. Any information gathered during a purchase in completely collected and maintained securely by PayPal. View PayPal’s privacy statement.

Site Logs

Various user statistics are gathered on the server such as IP addresses, file hits, and bandwidth. This information is used only for THO to measure traffic metrics and bandwidth usage.

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