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Worship Leader Sues Church for Thigh Slapping Injury

Category: Worship

OAK PARK, IL — Worship Leader Eunice Matthews has brought suit against Oak Park Community Church, claiming that they are responsible for a thigh injury that she suffered while leading Sunday morning worship.

The lawsuit, filed in US District Court last week, claims that Matthews gave herself a severe deep thigh bruise while slapping her thigh to the beat of a worship tune in an effort to get the congregation clapping nearly a month ago. The suit further claims that the church was criminally negligent in not providing Matthews with a headset, which she says would have allowed her to clap her hands instead of her thigh. Matthews said she asked church leaders to provide a headset on numerous occasions and complained about ongoing thigh pain.

Matthews is seeking remuneration for lost wages, saying she has been unable to perform her duties at her job as a dog trainer.

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  1. Noway, this must be a joke… sue your church for injury suffered during worship????? Maybe christians in China should start sue the goverment too!!!!

  2. umm…stop hitting yourself? lol The church could counter by telling her that she is beating up on the temple of God and she should stop smacking herself. Maybe smack yourself in the butt…that may get more of a response from the congregation!

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