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VOLUME 1 • ISSUE 10   |   Release date: March 15, 2004

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Christian Mom Thinks "Blog" is a Euphemism for Sex

Sue Harrington is troubled by her daughter's frequent use of the word "blog," an Internet-era term she thinks is a euphemism for sex. The term, which Harrington's daughter Brittany has used several times during the last month, recently landed the 15-year old in her room for two weeks.

As net-savvy teenagers everywhere know, "blog" is nothing more than a shortened form of "weblog," or online diary. Mrs. Harrington, however, is worried that her daughter may be engaging in premarital sex. "Just yesterday Brittany told me she had been late for dinner because she had spent the day blogging at Heather's house," she told THO. "When I told her she was grounded for her sexual indiscretion, she lied and said that's not what she meant. But I've seen those Monty Python movies, and I know all the lingo."

Harrington, who describes herself as "a pretty hip Mom," believes she has a very good understanding of the slang her teenage daughter uses, citing "toke," "reefer," and "high" as examples of marijuana terminology. "I know all about illicit drugs and sex," says Harrington. "I lived through the 70s, you know. I got saved in the Jesus Movement!"

Brittany, however, disagrees with her mother's self-assessment. "Yeah, Mom is basically completely wack," the teenager said in an interview with THO. "She has no idea what my life is like. She's all into this, like, Buddy Mom thing lately, where's she, like, tries to understand me and crap. But I'm like, please! If I wanted someone breathing down my neck all the time, I wouldn't have dumped Brandon [Neely] last month."

The "blog" incident is the latest in a string of troubling behavior for Brittany Harrington. Walter Harrington, the teenager's father, has recently noted a decline in his daughter's interest in Youth Group activities and family outings. But the most serious sign, he laments, is Brittany's recent habit of sleeping through church: "I'm no old fogey, but I do think Brittany should be getting up for church more often. Maybe if she didn't stay out until 2 a.m. with that Neely boy, she'd have a little easier time of it."

Although Sue Harrington is concerned that her daughter might be involved in premarital "blogging," she does admit that for the most part, Brittany is a well-behaved teenager. "Why, just last weekend I overheard her talking to her friend on the phone about 'buying some E.' I just love that she appreciates Elvis enough to spend her allowance on his records. Most of her friends can't stand the music from my generation. I just know she'll be all right in the end."

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